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How To Start Your Online Business and Attract Dream Clients

It was an absolute honor to have Monja Meyer on the That’s Deep Podcast! Monja is an ENFP in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System and an intuitive marketing and business coach who helps aspiring entrepreneurs start their online business and attract their dream clients with organic marketing. She also helps her clients with the mindset aspect of building an online business as well! It was a pleasure to get to know Monja on a deeper and more personal level.

She is from Germany, however, she has lived all over the world! She’s been living in Scotland for the past five years and she still works her corporate 9-5 while she scales her online coaching business into her full-time career. We talk about her well-known “bathroom coaching sessions”, the ENFP personality type, and how she is a city girl at heart and her love for going to cafes, strolling around, and going to little shops.

Monja shares her story about how she started and scaled her online coaching business and we get to know what her podcast, The Imperfect Entrepreneurs, is all about. She also talks about how she used to do perfectionist coaching (helping others to work through self-sabotage). Monja shares how, “You can give your client all of the strategy, but without the mindset work, self-sabotage can come up and you may not be using the strategies that you’ve learned.”

Have you ever felt like you needed someone to be your accountability partner and guide you through something that you’re struggling with? Someone who can help you make a major transformation (ex. Going from point A to point B in your online business)? In this episode, we learn that coaching is more future and goal focused.

With a coach, you have someone who is consistently there giving you structure and support in moving forward with your goals.

One of our favorite things that we touched on is the problem with trying to do it all by yourself in your business (AKA going the route of consuming all of the free content and listening to all of the podcasts, reading all of the books, and downloading tons of freebies).

If you’re already an online coach (in any industry) or you’re an aspiring coach, you’re gonna love this episode because we talk about the three reasons why people aren’t buying from you. We talk about how important building authentic relationships are, solving one specific problem, believing in yourself, and how your messaging about your offer impacts your sales. Are you helping others solve problems?

Tune-in to the episode for more! You can connect with Monja on:

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