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Embracing Change as a Single Mother and a Living Kidney Donor

It was an absolute honor to interview Kylie Wright our latest episode of the That’s Deep Podcast! She is an INFJ, a mother of two, an entrepreneur, the owner and founder of the Royal Bowtique, and she’s currently working on being certified as an IIN Health Coach.

She’s originally from Texas, but she’s currently in Arizona working as a small business owner and coaching clients in health and nutrition while she gets certified as an IIN coach. Kylie started her business 10 years ago, right around the time that she started having kids.

She shares her story of being a young mom, starting a business, and going through a divorce. Now she’s walking into a new phase of life as a single mom and she’s working on embodying change (in a new career industry and as a single parent). She said, “You never see the rainbow without the rain,” and we talked about how life is always evolving.

In this episode, we cover everything on motherhood, moving through life’s challenges, being an entrepreneur, and pivoting in her business and joining the health coaching industry. Being an INFJ and a Cancer, she mentioned that she is shy, quiet, and reserved until you get to know her (this INFJ can totally relate!).

Kylie embodies so much strength and resilience and she is a true inspiration, as she is also living kidney donor. Tune-in to hear her personal story about how she saved her sister’s life. The main thing that stuck out after connecting with Kylie was how much she embraced the feeling of gratitude for all the highs and lows in life.

She talks about how she’s so grateful for her past, because it’s what brought her to where she is now.

To take the TypeFinder Personality Test on Truity:

To get to know Kylie and her story better, tune-in to the episode for more!

You can connect with her on: Instagram: @kyliemichellewright

The Royal Bowtique:

Link to the episode:

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